Weather at Auli Today - Auli Current Weather Report

Auli Weather Report

Auli one of the Uttarakhand's snowfall place generally remains cold all the time. The minimum and maximum temperature in the summers is 10 and 20 degree Celsius. The weather of Auli is generally pleasant and clean in the summers. Light wollen clothes are recommended to carry along. 

Best Time to Visit Auli

If you are planning to visit Auli then generally all the months of the year are best for visiting Auli except monsoons, you can face problems in monsoon season. But if you want to enjoy the beauty of Auli the best time to visit Auli is from December to March. If you are planning to visit in winters it is advised to carry heavy wollen clothes, socks, gloves, caps, etc together. Auli is one of the best winter destination in Uttarakhand like Mussoorie, Nainital and Chopta.

Auli Temperature and Weather Report

Month                Temp. (Min)          Temp. (Max)               Weather

January               -4                          7                                 Covered with snow
February              0                          10                                Covered with snow
March                  4                          14                                Snowfall Chances
April                    7                          17                                Clear and Pleasant
May                     7                          18                                Clear and Pleasant
June                    10                        20                                Clear and Pleasant
July                     7                          18                                Cloudy and Rainy
August                 7                          15                                Cloudy and Rainy
September           7                          15                                Pleasant and Cloudy
October               5                          14                                Pleasant and Cloudy
November            4                          14                                Pleasant/ Chances of Snowfall
December            2                          10                                Covered with snow

Note: Temperature is in degree Celsius and is estimated can vary.

Auli Highlights

  • World highest cable car from Joshimath to Auli.
  • One of the best skiing location with best slopes.
  • Best winter destination and tourism place.
  • Natural skiing slopes.
  • Majestic views of Himalayan Ranges.

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